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Free speech and some sex crime victim advocates criticized the removal of the section, saying that it threatened free speech and that it diminished law enforcement's ability to track criminals. However, the removal was applauded by many state attorneys general and some other groups fighting sex crimes. Craigslist said that there is some indication that those who posted ads in the adult services section are posting elsewhere. The company makes efforts to fight prostitution and sex trafficking, and in , Craig Newmark received an award from the FBI for cooperation with law enforcement to fight human trafficking.

On December 19 , , after pressure from Ottawa and several provinces, Craigslist closed 'Erotic Services' and 'Adult Gigs' from its Canadian website, even though prostitution was not itself illegal in Canada at the time. Craigslist has a user flagging system to quickly identify illegal and inappropriate postings. Users may flag postings they believe to be in violation of Craigslist guidelines. Flagging does not require account login or registration, and can be done anonymously by anyone.

The number of flags required for a posting's removal is dynamically variable and remains unknown to all but Craigslist staff. Flagging can also alert Craigslist staff to blocks of ads requiring manual oversight or removal. Craigslist includes a barter option in its "for sale" section. This growing trade economy has been documented on the television program Barter Kings and the blog One red paperclip.

In July , the San Francisco Chronicle criticized Craigslist for allowing ads from dog breeders, stating that this could encourage the over-breeding and irresponsible selling of pit bulls in the Bay Area.

In January , the San Francisco Bay Guardian published an editorial claiming that Craigslist could threaten the business of local alternative newspapers. Gordon Crovitz , writing for The Wall Street Journal , criticized the company for using lawsuits "to prevent anyone from doing to it what it did to newspapers", contrary to the spirit of the website, which bills itself in a "noncommercial nature, public service mission, and noncorporate culture".

In , Craigslist sued PadMapper, a site that hoped to improve the user interface for browsing housing ads, and 3Taps, a company that helped PadMapper obtain data from Craigslist, in Craigslist v. This led users to criticize Craigslist for trying to shut down a service that was useful to them. It accepts charitable donations, and rather than directly funding organizations, it produces "face-to-face events and offers online resources to help grassroots organizations get off the ground and contribute real value to the community".

Since , the Craigslist Foundation has hosted eight annual conferences called Boot Camp, an in-person event that focuses on skills for connecting, motivating and inspiring greater community involvement and impact.

As of summer , the Craigslist Foundation's functions are mostly moved to LikeMinded. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is the latest accepted revision , reviewed on 28 June This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. May Learn how and when to remove this template message. Retrieved May 8, Retrieved February 28, Archived from the original on September 27, Retrieved September 6, Retrieved September 13, Retrieved August 9, Retrieved July 30, Retrieved November 15, COM, Terynn Boulton -.

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Beware of Stolen Merchandise on Craigslist". Retrieved September 15, Retrieved August 5, Retrieved December 16, Discuss qualifications needed, as well as what applicants can expect if they get hired. If you are offering your services for potential employers, sell yourself. Play to your strengths and list everything that you are capable of in regards to that particular field. Treat the post as you would a cover letter for a resume.

Let anyone who reads it know that you are the best person for that job. If you are writing a personal ad, get creative! Make your post stand out with witty writing, poems, and more.

Craigslist is a crazy and anonymous place, so have fun and be safe! List all of your strengths, and what makes you unique. Be assertive in your post, and let readers know that you know what you want. Make sure that your personality shines through in your writing.

Be sure to avoid any identifying personal information. Include pictures in your post. Use the Craigslist picture uploader tool to add photos from your computer to your post.

You can add multiple pictures, but the first one is the one that will appear next to your listing. Pictures help immensely when selling a product. If a reader is looking for a physical object to buy and there is no picture, they are very likely to skip over it. When selling a car, make the first picture a profile shot of the car.

Use the other photos to show the interior and other angles. When advertising a rental property, show the front of the house or apartment in the first shot.

Use the other picture for interior shots, as well as the backyard and other angles. If you do decide to use a picture, make sure that it is flattering and does not violate any Craigslist rules. Craigslist will soon be phasing out direct linking to external images. Craigslist does allow simple text links in ads to other pages, so since buyers like to see many high quality photos, you may find it helpful to use a service like photobucket, listhd, or classpics to add images then add a text link in your craigslist ad "for more images".

Spice up your text. Craigslist supports basic HTML coding for posts, which allows you to manipulate the text. You can make text bold, italic and different colors, use bullet points, and more. Check out the Craigslist help page for specifics on the code that is available and how to use it. Using bullet points for features can really help buyers understand your item much quicker as opposed to having it all in paragraph form.

Select the city that you want to post you ad in. Craigslist is separated by cities and regions. Click "Post to classifieds". Every post on Craigslist starts here. Choose a category to post in. The broad categories are broken down into 6 general sections: Choose the starting point that best matches the ad you are posting: Choose a category specification.

For example, in Services Offered, you can choose from: Each category has subcategories to pick from. Choose the one that most suits the needs of your ad. This will make your ad easier to find.

If your ad fits multiple categories, try to find the most applicable one. Choose a specific area to post in. Each main Craigslist city or region is broken down into subareas. Your ad will still be posted in the main site for the larger area, but this will help you find local buyers and sellers. Add your specific location. If you are advertising a yard sale or something where an address is necessary, include it here. Otherwise, be sure to leave out any identifying information. Many posters use this field for phone numbers and websites.

Be sure to include http: The price field will appear for posts that are related to selling items. Put down a contact email. Craigslist needs a contact email in order to create a post. The default email option will anonymize your email, which means that no one can see it from the site, or when they respond to an ad. The anonymous email only works for the first email from the site. Any subsequent emails between you and the other party will display your actual email.

It is recommended that you create an email address specifically for your dealings on Craigslist. You must put a valid email address in order to receive the confirmation email from Craigslist that will allow you to publish your post. Put your post on the map.

Craigslist now gives you the option to put your post on an interactive and searchable map. This will allow people to see where you are offering something.

You can just enter your city and postal code, or you can choose to enter your exact address as well. A small map will be added to your post, and your post will appear when people do map searches. This email will have a link to your post, where you can make any final edits before publishing it. Some sections of Craigslist require verification over the phone before your post can be published.

This is to cut down on automated spam posts. You cannot add in the description any more, but you can upload the pics on the second step after adding the title, description, and location. Not Helpful 0 Helpful How much does an ad on Craigslist cost? Craigslist ads are generally free. Not Helpful 3 Helpful Why has my Craigslist ad been deleted?


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The service stated that "US Congress just passed HR free classifieds adultpersonals, 'FOSTA', seeking to subject websites to criminal and civil liability when third parties users misuse online personals unlawfully. Be sure to avoid any identifying personal information. Be sure to include http: Retrieved December 16, Archived from the original PDF on July 14, Retrieved October 29,

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